The 4.2.20 release of BigTree has been long in the making - with over 6 months of development time invested. This is partially due to the rather mature nature of the 4.2 branch but also due to changing plans in the BigTree release schedule. First, the new features in BigTree 4.2.20:

  • Two factor authentication support via Google Authenticator (or other authenticators that use the same algorithm)
  • Support for non-latin characters in page titles properly generating transliterated latin character routes (e.g "大樹" becomes "da-shu" as a route).
  • CloudFront domain support — if your S3 bucket is being distributed by CloudFront, get those URLs by default in BigTree!
  • GET variable support for the 404/301 Manager — e.g. test.php?this=1 can be redirected to a different page than test.php?this=2
  • TinyMCE 4.7.6 and jQuery 3.3.1 — BigTree is finally ditching the jQuery 1.x branch for the latest jQuery.

For full release notes of BigTree 4.2.20, including all the bug fixes, check out the release notes on GitHub.

Why the delay?

It's been a crazy 2017. BigTree 5.0 was originally planned for summer 2017, but due to increasing ambition around the release (a new design, more new features) it's been delayed til, at the earliest, late 2018. Features that were planned for that release slowly moved into the 4.2 branch (and some are in 4.2.20 in beta — check out the SQL class!) which delayed the release of 4.2.20 significantly. We've also added plans for a BigTree 4.3 release this Spring which will include a revamped File/Media Manager and a few other nice features.  Keep an eye out for developments in the 4.3-devel branch on GitHub!